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Tesla, Inc., previously known as Tesla Motors, was created in 2003 and only became profitable in 2013. Its headquarters are in Palo Alto, California, and the company specializes in producing solar panels, lithium-ion battery energy, and electric automobiles. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, sees the firm as a technology company and an independent manufacturer to provide inexpensive electric cars to the general public. We’ll look at Tesla’s market segmentation today.

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Let’s examine the target market for Tesla.

First, though, the commercial!

If you’re a die-hard rock lover, you’ve undoubtedly got a few CDs from The Doors in your collection. Robby Krieger played the guitar for The Doors and was a part of that identifiable (and superb) sound.

Krieger still performs The Doors songs in concert these days, and his son, Waylon Krieger, fills in for Jim Morrison on vocals on occasion. The two Kriegers just made an unexpected guest appearance in a pretty awesome Tesla enthusiast advertisement.

Other exciting personalities round out the ensemble in this Tesla spec commercial. Thalia Ayala (who has almost three million Instagram followers) and Fernanda Romero (a Mexican-born actress/songstress) accompany Chris Paul (host of The None Taken Podcast) on a road trip when their ageing car runs out of petrol.

Robby Krieger is the hero who rescues the stranded gas vehicle victims by driving his Tesla Model S past wind turbines and a “Last Gas for 1 Billion Miles” sign. This commercial has many personalities, with music from Ritchie Valens and Chris Isaak playing.

Quills Films is the firm behind the commercial. The firm, which Mike and Doug Quill founded, is “a full-service digital video production company… We thrive on developing your creative ideas and wishes into completely realized tales that communicate your story using cutting-edge camera technology.” Quills Films has worked for various automakers, including Dodge, Volkswagen, and Fiat. However, their tagline at the end of the Tesla commercial says it all: “Drive the Future.”

The highlighted Segment is Balancer, as we may infer from the commercial analysis.

We discussed the advertisement and the new Tesla car extensively. However, one more question: who would be interested in purchasing Tesla? What traits did those individuals possess? The solution appears to be self-evident for Tesla: these folks are Balancers.

Balancers enjoy taking on new challenges and are eager to try new things. They’re on the lookout for diverse shades of life. They value the existing degree of security and stability in their lives, despite their longing for new experiences.

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Almost every Balancer will urge you always to be true to yourself. Balancers frequently have a lot going on in their life, and they don’t want to deceive themselves or others. Moving ahead needs candour and sincerity.


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Individuals who are known and loved are known as balancers. They have a prosperous and happy family. These people are active in the company and are leaders at work. Balancers are constantly willing to help others around them.

Balancers keep in touch with everyone and help them out when they can. Although remorse over not having accomplished anything, not having done it, ignoring their family, or failing at employment for some time troubles them.

Balancers can be temperamental, and it’s impossible to know how they’ll respond to particular situations or how they feel about them. There may be some self-doubt about whether or not they did anything wrong. Balancers must be continually praised for their efforts and urged to follow the rules.


Workplace leaders who are also incredibly passionate are known as balancers. They maintain positive connections with all their employees and go out of their way to help them whenever possible. They are continually looking for people to recognize their advantages. It might be a tremendous drive to guarantee that their colleagues and personal regard are equal.

Balancers’ labour is more than a long-term career, and it’s more than just a way to keep their families together. They are ambitious, seeking more from life than just survival. They want to reach the peak of their fields, but not at any cost.


Balancers aren’t afraid to make mistakes. Therefore they make quick decisions. They are less annoyed when they make mistakes and seek other options. These are the most active non-cash internet shoppers.

To make the caregiver’s life more accessible, the message created for each client must be precise. It’s critical to deliver information to help them become better partners, friends, or people.

Tesla, for example, is their dream vehicle since it is stylish, a brand with a fantastic design, comfortable, electric, and environmentally friendly.

They are incredibly grateful customers who recognize that you went to tremendous lengths to create and give them. Even if the quality or pricing is lower than the competition’s, people will respect your effort and buy a little number from you for the experience.

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You’ll receive something if they come to bargain. If the outcome were negligible, balancers would not waste time. Giving feedback is a simple process.

We’ll now examine Tesla’s positioning strategy.

As you may know, Tesla Motors’ first product is the Tesla Roadster’s high-performance electric sports automobile. However, some readers may be unaware that our long-term goal is to provide various models, including reasonably priced family vehicles.

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This is because Tesla Motors’ main goal (and I’m sponsoring it) is to help accelerate the transition from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy to a solar electric one, which I believe is the primary, but not sole, sustainable option.

An electric car without compromises is essential to making that happen. The Tesla Roadster outperforms a gasoline sports car like a Porsche or Ferrari in a head-to-head comparison. Then there’s the fact that it’s twice as energy-efficient as a Prius. Others may still wonder if this is genuinely beneficial to the planet. Is there a demand for another high-powered sports car? Will it have a significant impact on global carbon emissions?

No, and not much are the replies. That, however, misses the point unless you comprehend the above-mentioned secret master plan. Almost any new technology has a high unit cost before it can be optimized, and electric automobiles are no exception. Tesla’s approach is to start at the top of the market, where buyers are willing to pay a premium, and then quickly move down the need to larger unit volume and cheaper pricing with each new Model.

Batteries that don’t harm the environment!

The Tesla Motors Lithium-Ion cells are not categorized as hazardous and are landfill safe.

We will examine Tesla’s marketing mix in the last section.


This marketing mix component identifies the outputs or items sold to target clients. This case study uses Tesla’s products in the automobile, energy storage, and energy-generating businesses. Profitable products deliver value that customers are willing to pay for.

In this 4P variable, the corporation leverages product development to achieve corporate goals. The company’s continual addition of additional product lines to its product mix is also noteworthy. Tesla has the following items as an international company:


Components of an electric vehicle’s powertrain.

Batteries can store energy.

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Panels with solar energy.

Tesla’s electric automobiles are well-known. The Model S sedan, for example, is one of the most popular electric vehicles in the world. Apart from autos, the company also makes powertrain components for other automakers’ electric vehicles, fulfilling its purpose and vision of accelerating the world’s transition to electric cars and sustainable energy (see Tesla’s Corporate Vision & Mission Statements).

In addition, the firm sells batteries for both domestic and industrial usage. After purchasing SolarCity Corporation, the firm extended its product mix to include solar panels and related installation services. As the corporation aims to build and boost its worldwide business, this portion of Tesla’s marketing mix demonstrates an emphasis on electric automobiles.


This marketing mix component considers the places or venues utilized to reach clients. These are the places where an organization’s products are distributed or sold. Tesla Inc. continuously extends its product line, but the 4Ps’ position element stays constant. As the firm grows, it may add more locations or venues through acquisitions or new endeavours. The following sites are involved in Tesla’s corporation case:

Stores and Galleries that the company owns.

The official website of the company.

Service Centers that the company owns.

Stations for charging.

Tesla’s autos, energy storage, solar panels, and associated goods are available for inspection at company-owned stores and galleries in malls and other locations. On the other hand, customers must complete sales transactions through the company’s website. Tesla also has its service facilities, where consumers can get repairs and maintenance, and the company may provide services as part of its sales agreement.

Customers may also charge their vehicles at the company’s charging stations. These sites illustrate the company’s choice of a small number of important places for its operations. As a result, the location aspect of Tesla Inc.’s marketing mix emphasizes the company’s tight control over product sales and distribution.


Market Segmentation of Tesla | The Social Grabber (4)

The worldwide automobile industry may use these strategies and techniques to control and impact consumer expectations, as well as the presentation and development of the corporate brand. The following elements make up Tesla, Inc.’s promotional mix, in order of importance in the automobile and energy solutions industries:

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Marketing that spreads like wildfire (most significant);

Selling on a one-on-one basis;

Public relations (PR) is a term that refers to;

Promotions for sales;

Direct marketing is a type of advertising that targets a specific.

Tesla’s marketing strategy is unique in the auto business, partly due to its reliance on viral marketing. Viral marketing is crucial in a company’s promotional contact with its target audience. Launching the Tesla Model S for Kids, for example, is heavily promoted via viral videos on social media, boosting the company’s product mix.

Personal selling is a four-point method used by salespeople at company-owned stores and galleries. Tesla also uses public relations to control and increase its popularity. The inclusion of the company’s patents in the open-source movement, for example, demonstrates the company’s dedication to accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy. Customers’ perceptions of the company and its brand improve due to such campaigns.

On the other hand, sales promotions include discounts on certain goods and the company’s client referral program. The corporation occasionally uses direct marketing, such as selling engine components and batteries to other firms. In this part of the marketing mix, viral marketing significantly impacts Tesla’s ability to promote its goods and brand.


This part of the marketing mix deals with price levels and associated initiatives. Prices and profitability ambitions for a restricted manufacturing scale reinforce the premium brand in this Tesla company study. These prices influence profits and consumer impression. The following are the company’s pricing strategies:

Strategy for premium pricing.

The market decides the price.

Tesla, Inc. operates on a premium pricing model. This is the company’s primary pricing strategy, which entails setting high prices based on the uniqueness of the high value assigned to the company’s products. Customers, for example, are ready to pay relatively high costs for Tesla autos, which are technologically and environmentally advanced.

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As a result, product design and innovation are essential aspects of a company’s approach to this element of the marketing mix. Premium price aligns with the generic differentiation approach, which stresses product uniqueness. Furthermore, through its subsidiary SolarCity, the corporation employs a market-oriented pricing approach for its solar panels and related goods (services).

Tesla has a sizable and influential fan following that successfully promotes its goods. There are always supporters around when Tesla unveils a new product. Potential customers are drawn in by the cheers and commotion created by such a sizable fan group.

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