TTEC Work-From-Home Jobs: Is TTEC a Legit Company? (2023)

We are entering a busy hiring season in the work-at-home world. As such, I frequently get questions inquiring about the legitimacy of specific companies. One of those recent inquiries was about TTEC. If you have been wondering about this company too, here are the details.

TTEC, formerly known as TeleTech, is a global company that houses over 50,000 employees, many of whom work from home. The company boasts about their number six ranking on FlexJobs 2019 “Top 100 Companies With Remote Jobs” annual list.

Their purpose, mission, and vision are to add humanity to business, grow quickly by making customer interactions personalized and engaging, and to be the world’s most emotionally connected, valuable, and respected organization.

Equal Opportunity and then Some

TTEC Work-From-Home Jobs: Is TTEC a Legit Company? (1)TTEC has a “Melting Pot of Awesomeness,” as stated on their website, about us, page. They have a video where you can learn about how they support gender diversity and the strengths that make all of us unique.

Not only does TTEC embrace the differences between their employees, but they also give back to the community. Their website makes it known that their purpose is to deliver humanity to business, and in 2007, they created the TeleTech Community Foundation.

If you like companies who are philanthropic and invite their employees to be part of the outreach, this place may be a good fit for you. The community involvement has donated more than $4,000,000 to support organizations in education and community success. Their focus is on making sure all communities have the right tools to educate their children and residents properly. They blend technology and people to help give clients the best experience possible.

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Why work for TTEC?

TTEC @home is an outsourcing sector of TTEC that expands the ideas of what an office is to what an office can be. They use a well-educated work-for that is flexible, skilled with technology, and skilled with problem-solving solutions. Associates who work from home will use the TTEC technology, applications, and back-office functions. This format will help create a unique program for all 3.5 million clients who need service with TTEC.

They value employees who lead every day, do the right thing, find understanding, who live life passionately, and who can act as one unit.

The positions available for working at home are customer service representatives, technical support representatives, and licensing managers. Licensing managers will mostly deal with healthcare.

TTEC looks for their @home division to work from Canada or the United States. They are seeking to find employees who want a reliable, fulfilling, flexible job who are tech-savvy, and ready to assist customers with a variety of customer service and technical needs.

When you work with TTEC @Home, you can work as a phone, chat, or social media representative.

If you are looking to be a customer service representative, look to be ready to find solutions to customer problems, and be a positive person with a professional attitude. You’ll need a high school diploma or a GED to apply, and have to be the age of 17.

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If you’d like to work in technical support, make sure to read the location the job is available. If you are working in the United States the position is only available for certain states such as Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, New England, New Hampshire, North Caroline, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

A technical support specialist will have a fast-paced position where they will help clients troubleshoot technical issues and come up with solutions to the problems. You will want to put customers’ needs first, and want to be a people pleaser.

The requirements for a technical support representative include: two years of college or technical school, or applied work experience. Previous technical representative experiences is a bonus. You must be literate in computers, computer knowledge, and have experience with software. You must also have excellent verbal and written skills. This position is a fast-paced position. If you are good at multi-tasking and working with a high call volume while fixing technical problems, this @home work is the right one for you.

The health insurance agent or manager needs to be empathetic, service-oriented, and be licensed in the following states (for the United States positions): Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, New England, New Hampshire, North Caroline, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

You will need to speak with customers about healthcare-related products on a daily basis. Assist Medicare-eligible individuals to find services that best fit their needs. Answer healthcare-related questions, including plans, pharmacy, and drug formulas. You will need to aid customers with enrollment if the situation applies.

If you are looking to work in the healthcare sector of TTEC, make sure to be licensed, have six months of sales background, have excellent communication skills, and be able to adapt to different situations with ease.

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@Home Benefits

The TTEC associates have opportunities like communicating with customers every day—with a variety of communication channels. They will gain experience through TTEC University courses and will develop new skills. They will receive recognition, bonuses, and performance-based rewards.

Employees also have an opportunity to build diverse friendships, experience fun activities, and have many career growth opportunities. Their main clients are forward-thinking companies that share passions of customer experience, lasting connections, and drive.

@Home Requirements

All employees need to have a working knowledge of computers, the internet, and email. You will also require a quiet, private place to work where you will not be interrupted.

Apple/iMac computers are not compatible with the TTEC technology, and wifi will not work for the applications. You will need a USB Headset, a USB drive, and a dedicated landline. It is essential to be hard-wired into the internet.

You will work with a recruiter to find projects that will work with your ability and availability. And you will have a team leader/trainer who will answer any questions you have when you have them, or if you hit a technology snare. They will be trained for a better understanding of the TTEC technology, including, the back-door functions, programs, apps, and other forms of communication that customers may require.

For other facts about TTEC, make sure to check out the Q&A page on their website.

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Working at TTEC@home Reviews

Based off of 7,800+ reviews, the TTEC employees have rated the company at a 3.5 out of 5 stars. One common statement about the company was that it does offer training experiences but wants all employees to learn in a tight timeframe. Another con, as claimed by someone who rated the company as a 5-star company to work for, is that the training courses can be overwhelming due to the amount that an employee has to do monthly.

Other lower-rating comments had to do with taking time off or the lack of support from their team leader during training. The disappointment about taking time off was that it seemed as though the company wasn’t as flexible as they state. The comments about the lack of support were that it seemed to be that leaders were never around when the employee needed them and that the other staff members didn’t take the work seriously.

All of these comments are typical of work-at-home customer service work. Even though it’s flexible, it may not be as flexible as some people would like. You still need to adhere to a schedule. You can’t come and go as you please.


TTEC is a company that has been in business since 1982. They have kept up with the times by moving into a global and work-at-home space. The importance of the quick turnaround time of the client-representative relationship works to build customer loyalty and employee benefits.

The company was rated as one of the top 100 work-from-home jobs from FlexJobs in 2019, and they have many awards, accolades, and recognition for their employees. While the overall review of working at the company is a 3.5 out of 5 stars, most call center jobs rank lower and every job in this industry is likely to be fast-paced. It’s a common theme of working with the public and requires a specific type of personality.

If this job sounds like it’s a good place for you to start, check out their website and see their application process. And always make sure you are dealing with the actual company and not a scammer posing as them. Here’s a handy checklist of red flags to look for. You can always contact the company directly to verify it’s them.

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